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Four Costly Car Repair Misconceptions

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding what you can, cannot, should, and should not do after getting into an accident. Part of our mission as a quality repair provider is to equip our customers with the information they need to stay safe and keep their vehicles in the best shape possible. That’s why this week we’re talking through four of the most common (and costly) misconceptions consumers have surrounding the auto repair industry.

mechanic with hood open working on car repair

Misconception # 1:

All repair shops are basically the same.


There are substantial differences among repair shops. Some have made considerably large investments in equipment and training. Many have not. Always do your homework when selecting a repair facility and ask friends for recommendations.

At ProCare, we invest a lot in training and equipment. In fact, did you know only 10% of body shops currently meet the rigorous Gold Class Status? Gold Class recognition is the highest role-relevant training achievement recognized by the collision repair industry. ProCare is an I-Car Gold Class Shop!

We put our skills and training to work for you, the customer, and repair your car correctly, back to pre-accident condition, and in a timely manner! We will never cut corners or put poor-fitting or low quality parts on your vehicle! We give you a Lifetime Written Warranty with every repair!

a white car with a smashed taillight needing car repair

Misconception #2:

The Insurance Company is responsible for selecting the shop to repair your vehicle.


Insurance agents and adjusters have no authority in telling you where to have your vehicle repaired. It is YOUR investment and YOUR responsibility to select a competent collision repair facility to properly restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.

Misconception #3:

The insurance representative said the shop you selected isn’t on their “approved” or “preferred” list, and you should choose a shop from their list.


To influence your decision process, some insurance companies use this “preferred shop” technique. By doing so, many uninformed but well-meaning consumers end up at repair shops who have agreed to repair the vehicle using substandard procedures or imitation parts dictated by the referring insurance company in an attempt to save money.

You are NOT required to visit these shops. Doing so could put you at a disadvantage in settling your claim and receiving a high quality repair to your vehicle.

ProCare Collision mechanic working on car repair

Misconception #4:

You must obtain multiple estimates.


There is no law requiring you to get more than one estimate. With multiple estimates in hand, the insurance company will likely pay for the repair based on the lowest estimate.

The problem? The lowest estimate is often the most incomplete estimate. Here’s an example:

  • Shop A writes an estimate including many operations necessary to properly repair your vehicle. These operations could include a wheel alignment check, corrosion protection (rust proofing) aiming of the head lamps, paint blend operations, etc.
  • Shop B prepares an estimate and overlooks the above-mentioned operations from the repair estimate, only giving the car owner an estimate to check wheel alignment.
  • The insurance company pays for the repair based on Shop B’s estimate. The vehicle owner mistakenly assumes they have done so because Shop B is “cheaper” than Shop A. Because of these omitted operations, the vehicle is returned to the owner with mismatched paint, could exhibit premature tire wear, or begin to rust, making it less safe to drive.

Who loses? The vehicle owner.

Don’t get duped by insurance company tricks or “low-cost” repairs. Call ProCare today if you’re in need of repair services for your vehicle, and we’ll set you on the straight and narrow!


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